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Getting Married

God is love and those who live in love live in God, and God lives in them

Many Christians describe marriage as a sacrament – an outward sign of an inner grace – two people joined together publicly signifying God’s love for humanity expressed in Jesus Christ. 

We are delighted that you are considering getting married in one of our churches and to explore this please contact the Team Office by  email durhamnorthteam@gmail.com or telephone 0191 384 7825.  One of the clergy will be in touch and will arrange to meet with you both and discuss your plans with you.

You do not have to attend church to get married in church, although we would love to see you!  You can get married in any of our seven churches if you fulfil one of these criteria:

  • You live in North End, Framwellgate Moor, Pity Me, Newton Hall, Kimblesworth, Sacriston, Edmondsley, Witton Gilbert or Bearpark
  • One of you has lived here for at least six months at some time in the past
  • One of you has been been baptised or confirmed in the church you wish to be married in
  • One of your parents or grandparents has been married in the church you wish to be married in!

If none of these apply, it’s also possible to gain an entitlement by attending church regularly for six months before joining the Parish Electoral Roll.  We advise you not to make wedding arrangements until you’ve managed this period of attendance.

If either or both of you have been married before it should be possible to arrange your wedding in one of our churches, but before we can do so we are required by the Bishop to meet with both of you and explore the circumstances of any previous marriage.  This is meant to be supportive rather than nosey or judgemental, and it is done in complete confidence. 

There is a fee for marriage and in 2019 this is £630, which includes the organist and verger, but not flowers, for which it is possible to make a separate arrangement, although usually there will already be flowers in Church for Sunday.  There are no hidden extras and you will probably find that the most important part of your day is also one of the least expensive!

For further advice and information on planning your special day, please visit the Church of England wedding site http://www.yourchurchwedding.org/default.aspx

Getting Married

Getting Married